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Renewable Materials and Green Technology Products: …

Outsmart Waste: The Modern Idea of Garbage and How to Think … Szaky demonstrates that there is value in every kind of garbage, from used chewing gum to juice pouches to cigarette butts. After reading this mind-expanding book, you will never think about garbage the same way again.     Manufacturing Standards and Specifications for […]

Recycling Sourcebook: A Guide to Recyclable Materials, Case …

Recycling the Past: Popular Uses of American History FOUND INSIDE Popular Uses of American History Thomas J. Knock, Leila Zenderland. » Recycling the Past Thomas J. Knock Bruce Kuklick John P.     Preliminary engineering report for recycling in Region II. – Page i FOUND INSIDE – PAGE I Wisconsin Solid Waste Recycling Authority. T […]

Markets for Wisconsin’s Recycled Materials

Recycled Science: Bring Out Your Science Genius with Soda … “Details how to use cardboard tubes, craft sticks, plastic bottles and jugs, and snack packages in projects that demostrate scientific principles”–     Buy Recycled Training Manual: A Guidebook for Buyers This teaching text discusses the details of full loop recycling.     Fun and […]

Import of Capital Goods, Raw Materials, Components, and … – Page xlii

Return Showing the Imports Into, and Exports From, Chief … FOUND INSIDE The Jute Position The arrivals of raw jute” into Calcutta’l’ by all routes and the imports of raw jute by rail and steameri: into the mills situated outside the Calcutta Trade block were in bales of 400 lbs each :For week ending For … […]

Interfacial Engineering in Functional Materials for … – Page i

The Turbulent Ocean This book describes the principal dynamic processes that control the distribution of turbulence, its dissipation of kinetic energy and its effects on the dispersion of properties such as heat, salinity, and dissolved or suspended matter in …     Painting in Layers: The Marquardt Method Mistakes disappear as the painting progresses. The […]

Layered Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual Photoshop CC is truly amazing, but it can also be overwhelming if you’re just getting started. This book makes learning Photoshop as easy as possible by explaining things in a friendly, conversational style—without technical jargon.     Laminar boundary-layer separation induced by flares on … – Page 34 Focusing on […]

Conservation of Leather and Related Materials

Creating the Discipline of Knowledge Management In this book Dr. Michael Stankosky, founder of the first doctoral program in knowledge management, sets out to provide a rationale and solid research basis for establishing Knowledge Management (KM) as an academic discipline.     The Essentials of Family Therapy Key Benefit: Illustrates family therapy techniques — The […]

Suitability of Available Student Materials for Individual …

The Suitability of Eudrilus Eugeniae, Perionyx Excavatus and … This Army Service Test Procedure outlines the methods of determining whether test aircraft (both fixed and rotary-wing) meets the criteria contained in applicable Qualitative Materiel Requirements (QMR), or Small Development Requirements …     “La Cultura Cura”: Exploring the Suitability of Narrative … This research applies […]

Emerging Nanotechnologies in Dentistry: Processes, Materials …

Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry A valuable and comprehensive companion that will appeal to dentists and dental hygienists, this helpful new book provides its readers with one authoritative resource that offers a reliable and helpful companion to practicing preventive …     Modern Concepts in Aesthetic Dentistry and Multi-disciplined … This issue is the third issue Dr. […]