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Pennsylvania Bulletin – Volume 11, Issues 27-40 – Page 2536

West’s New York Digest – Volume 53 – Page 147 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 147 Operator of limousine service that used name “ Eilat Limousine Service ” was entitled to enjoin competitor from using the name ” Eilat Car & Limousine Service ” both in connection with both its business and advertising , and not […]

The Babylonian Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania: …

Babylonian Magic and Sorcery FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 206 The whole Tractate appropriately con eludes with a tradition and a discussion respecting the functions of the Prophet Elijah in the Messianic Age. ORIGIN A tradition preserved in the Babylonian Gemara (Ber. 28a) VI INTRODUCTION.     Studies in Old Babylonian history – Page i FOUND […]

History of the Pennsylvania State Grange – Page 278

Journal of Proceedings of the Wisconsin State Grange – Volume 132 FOUND INSIDE Patrons of Husbandry. Wisconsin State Grange. r 6^061^64155 B89081984155A Madison.^* w.     Journal of Proceedings of the … Annual Session of the … – Page 150 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 150 given , and a thorough canvass of the members made […]

Examination of Financial Statements of the Pennsylvania … – Page 3

Goodnight Avenue FOUND INSIDE Avenue. All Rights Reserved © 2002 by Pat Tito No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, …     Annual Report of the Department of Public Works – Page 210 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 210 Bishop street Butler street N. […]

The Fiscal Impact on Counties of the Pennsylvania Voter … – Page vi

A guide to professional registration for petroleum engineers – Page 6 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 6 FIGURE 1 SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGLNEERS ROLE IN PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION PUBLIC REGISTRATION LAW STATE BOARD OF REGISTRATION NATIONAL COUNCIL OF EXAMINERS …     NCARB Architectural Registration Handbook – Page 211 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 211 National Council of Architectural […]

Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Dec. 21, 1812-Mar. …

Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia FOUND INSIDE – PAGE II The Commonwealth Caribbean Law Series is the only series of law books that covers the jurisdiction of the English speaking Caribbean nations.     Commonwealth Caribbean Family Law: husband, wife and cohabitant FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 12580 amon DEPARTMENT OF […]

Pennsylvania Archives – Page 469

Practical Activities for Out-of-school Science and … – Page 132 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 132 5 Uses Sweet dishes \ Beans Fricassé or sauté, curry, H . boiled, accompaniment to – main dishes, salad, pickles -. (mixed vegetables) Carrot Served as raw …     Publications – Volumes 5-6 – Page 9 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE […]

Soil Survey of Beaver and Lawrence Counties, Pennsylvania – Page 82

Soil Security for Ecosystem Management: Mediterranean Soil … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 49 Mediterranean Soil Ecosystems 1 Selim Kapur, Sabit Erşahin. • soil–water relationships in the drylands, with a major focus on water scarcity as a limiting …     Soil Survey of Berrien and Lanier Counties, Georgia – Page 2 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2 […]