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New and Alamo Rivers Project: Preliminary Data Collection …

The Alamo Reader: A Study in History If everyone was killed inside the Alamo, how do we know what happened? This surprisingly simple question was the genesis for Todd Hansen’s compendium of source material on the subject, “The Alamo Reader”.     Alamo Oats When a Texas school puts on an original play about the […]

Preliminary Characterization of Abandoned Septic Tank …

Nitrogen Transformations During Subsurface Disposal of … Septic shock and sepsis associated multiple organ failure are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in intensive care units (ICUs) globally.     Septic Tanks FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 173 CHAPTER 5 SUMMARY Septic tanks were introduced in the United States in 188^, and since then septic […]

Report of Hearings … Together with the Preliminary and … – Page 667

Billy Wilder, American Film Realist – Page 131 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 131 Buddy. Buddy. From a film – historical standpoint , The Front Page is the most interesting Wilder film of his late period because it dramatizes his …     My Counting Buddy FOUND INSIDE Buddy’s Page COUPONS Anne Have One on Buddy Buddy […]

Preliminary Staff Report on Accrued Depreciation of Flint … – Issue 1218

Lump Sum Payment to Government Employees for Accumulated Or … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1018 In this case the corporation kept its books on an accrual basis, and set up on its books each month in 1916 a reserve … (C. C. A.) 18 F.(2d) 69, it is held that where a corporation makes an […]

Cargo Container Inspections: Preliminary Observations on the …

Guide for the Certification of Dry Cargo Containers The process of containerization and its continuous development involves changes and technological innovations in containerships and maritime container terminals.     Strategies for Improving Import Yard Performance at … Remember, you don’t have to be a professional gardener or have a garden to enjoy all the ‘plant-benefits’ […]

Dressage Outlined: Preliminary Novice

Conducting Asbestos Surveys This study examines the work in the court-system that hears appeals from immigrants and asylum seekers against decisions made by the British government.     The British Immigration Courts: A Study of Law and Politics A former Seattle policewoman, she has extensive experience of violent crime and brings this knowledge to bear […]

Preliminary draft of proposed new bankruptcy rules and … – Page 188

Reconceptualising the Rule of Law in Global Governance, … FOUND INSIDE in dissimilar and sometimes contradictory ways, without proper justification98 After this litany of criticisms, the lately proclaimed selfconsciousness of tribunals’ role to uphold the rule of law and determine whether the claimant has …     Impacts of the Proposed Waters of the United States […]

Preliminary Inventory: Manuscript group – Page 104

Logan Newsletter – Volumes 3-7 – Page 14 A collection of nursery and seed catalogs published by R.B. Buchanan (also known as the R.B. Buchanan Seed Co.) from 1916-1945; part of the Ethel Z. Bailey Horticultural Catalogue Collection.     An Account of the Execution of William Buchanan and William … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE […]

Bulletin: Wigmore, J.H. A preliminary bibliography of modern … – Issue 1

Tract XC. On certain passages in the XXXIX Articles. By … … – Volume 1 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 39 Qs . Mr. W. Allen , Mr. J. H. Prirate Business , Q. Mr. W. Allen ; A. Mr. Lewis , Dr. Tanner ; 48. Mr. Hanbury A. J. Balfour Mar 26 , 184 Mar […]