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Mine and Yours: A Children’s Book about Rights and …

Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility: Essays in Honor of … The original essays in this book address the influential writings of Peter A. French on the nature of responsibility, ethics, and moral practices.     Corporate Responsibility for Wealth Creation and Human Rights FOUND INSIDE Enderle illustrates the importance of corporate responsibility by integrating wealth […]

The Landlord’s Law Book: Rights and responsibilities – Page 21-104

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices Management is an organized body of knowledge. “This book,” in Peter Drucker’swords, “tries to equip the manager with the understanding, the thinking, the knowledge and the skills for today’sand also tomorrow’s jobs.     Responsibilities: a college reader – Page 375 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 375 a college reader Edward Quinn. […]

Human Rights Watch: United States, So Long as They Die, …

Upper Lethal Temperature Relations of Paragnetina Media … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 126 ——Details of upper lethal temperature experiments with Paragnetina. 10/II/OI L9/92/OI 23/I2/3 39/6L/3 39/C2/3 29/9I./A. 29/21/1 23/2/L 29/3/1 23/? If L 29/GI/L 39/4I/1 39/2/1 23/2/1 33/31/1 39/4I/A. 89/GI/L 99/72/1.     Extinction of small populations in the presence of lethal … – Page […]

Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Amendment – Page 739

Fundamental Modeling Concepts: Effective Communication of IT … FOUND INSIDE Computers / Computer Science / Systems Analysis and Design £ 39.99 UK / $ 75.00 US / $ 97.99 CAN Fundamental Modeling Concepts Effective Communication of IT Systems Dr. Andreas Knöpfel is an FMC expert and learnt much about its …     Fundamental chemical equilibria: […]

Great Debates in American History: Civil rights, part 2 – Page 398

Fierce Fairytales: & Other Stories to Stir Your Soul For readers who enjoyed Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, this empowering collection of stories, poems and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations gives Once Upon a Time a much-needed modern makeover.     A Tibetan-English Dictionary with Sanskrit Synonyms A collection of stories by new and established Canadian authors […]

Fierce Legion of Friends: A History of Human Rights … – Page 257

Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates: A Novel On one level this is a fast-paced CIA adventure story with comic overtones; on another it’s a serious novel of ideas that brings the Big Picture into unexpected focus; but perhaps more than anything else, Fierce Invalids is a sexy …     The Solace of Fierce […]

Property Rights from Below: Commodification of Land and the …

The London Gazette – Page 12116 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 12116 The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts., below Lt. P. E. S. Shields, M.G. 25th July 1918:— H. F. Laughland. A. S. ‘Crosswell. C. J. Fairweather. South Stafs. Regt.——2nd Lt. G. L. Brown to be Lt., above Lt. M. E. Williams. 28th Sept.   […]

The UNreal World of Human Rights: An Ethnography of the UN …

Unreal Options Over 70 short stories and poems from the quirky imagination of Peter. Margaret is his wife, lover and helpmate and keeps him organised. The result is a series of short reads that are in turn thought provoking, funny and sometimes horrific.     Unreal City: A Chinese Poet in Auckland ” A selection […]