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Modelling and Quantification of Structural Uncertainties in …

Sensitivity Analysis with Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainties “Uncertainty exists in any engineering applications.     Climate Change in the Media: Reporting Risk and Uncertainty In this book, James Painter analyses how the international media present these and other narratives surrounding climate change.     Uncertainty in Entrepreneurial Decision Making: The … This exciting new volume […]

Structural Chemistry of Layer-Type Phases

Neuromuscular Disorders in Clinical Practice Mirroring the first book, this two-volume edition is divided into two parts.     Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology The text is supported by an extensive list of references, making it a definitive reference source. This authoritative book presents topics in an integrated manner and readable style.     […]

Gavin V. Structural Iron Workers Local No. 1 of the …

Reading At University: A Guide for Students The authors believe that students must change both the ways in which they read and the ways in which they think about reading. This book offers effective and efficient strategies for fulfilling students’ reading and study potential.     Gavin: Astronaut in Space Themed Personalized Book with … […]

Special Structural Topics

Topics in Number Theory This dissertation, “Topics on Actuarial Applications of Non-linear Time Series Models” by Yin-ting, Chan, 陳燕婷, was obtained from The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong) and is being sold pursuant to Creative Commons: …     Topics on Actuarial Applications of Non-Linear Time Series … This book provides information regarding […]

Going Beyond Aid: Development Cooperation for Structural …

Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: … Ultimately, this textbook serves to help practitioners, healthcare systems, and policy makers better understand this different and novel approach to complex chronic disorders.     Coronavirus (Covid-19) Tax Relief – Law, Explanation & Analysis Along with Internal Revenue Code provisions, as amended, as well as the full text […]

High Temperature Structural Design (ESIS Publication 12) – Page 412

Problems of Pediatric Hospital Design: Study for New Design … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 122 Study for New Design Concepts for Children’s Hospitals Marshall B. Kreidberg, Herman H. Field. (3C112), Cincinnati (3C113), and New York (3C114) where …     ASD/LRFD: Examples, structural wood design solved example … FOUND INSIDE The pattern of roof panel application […]

Guide to Investigation of Structural Failures, with …

Anabolic Steroid Use in Great Britain: An Exploratory … Iris Camden thought she knew who her family was even if they weren’t always forthcoming.     Coalescence (Camden Investigations #1) The following study begins an investigation of the Ir-Zr-Nb ternary system based on combining first principles total energy calculations with a statistical mechanics description of […]

Optimal Structural Design Under Stability Constraints

Random Designer: Created from Chaos to Connect with the Creator Random Designer helps show that this is not true. Science has no such power! On the other hand, God is not limited to literal interpretations of scripture, nor will He remain confined to rigid, man-made religious doctrines.     100 Years of Style by Decade […]

Teaching Methodologies in Structural Geology and Tectonics

A Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Art Provides a broad view of the history and current state of scholarship on the art of the ancient Near East This book covers the aesthetic traditions of Mesopotamia, Iran, Anatolia, and the Levant, from Neolithic times to the end of the …     Conducting Health Outcomes Research […]

Structural Analysis of Zn-Zn Distance in Ndm-1’s Beta-Lactam …

Active Traffic Management: Comprehension, Legibility, … Active traffic management: comprehension, legibility, distance, and motorist behavior in response to selected variable speed limit and lane control signing /     Mathematical Risk Analysis: Dependence, Risk Bounds, Optimal … FOUND INSIDE The present volume gives an introduction of basic concepts and methods in mathematical risk analysis, in […]