Brazil’s Supreme Court to investigate Bolsonaro over January 8 attacks

Brazil’s Supreme Court to Investigate Bolsonaro Over January 8 Attacks

Brazil’s Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into President Jair Bolsonaro’s involvement in the January 8th attacks that left numerous institutions around Brazil vandalized by far-right militia.


The court announced the investigation on Thursday, August 13th. The investigation will be lead by judge Alexandre de Moraes.

The Attacks

On January 8th, various violent attacks were arranged and carried out by far-right supporters of President Bolsonaro in 21 cities across Brazil. Institutions and monuments dedicated to democracy were vandalized. This includes:

  • The Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights
  • Banks
  • Human rights organizations
  • Government offices
  • Political party offices

The attacks were live streamed by some of the protesters. Images showed them chanting “Long live Bolsonaro,” and “Out with the majority”.

Bolsonaro’s Involvement

The Brazilian Supreme Court has now ordered an investigation into the President’s involvement in the attacks.

Bolsonaro is accused of actively encouraging the militia’s actions and some of the attackers have confessed to being urged on by Bolsonaro.

Though the President has not issued a statement regarding the investigation, he has previously denied the accusations against him.


The investigation is sure to be a delicate one, as many of Bolsonaro’s supporters regard him as a victim of a smear campaign. The Brazilian Supreme Court will now have the difficult job of determining if Bolsonaro had any involvement in the attacks. Brazil’s Supreme Court is set to investigate allegations that President Jair Bolsonaro incited violence during attacks on the National Congress building on January 8th.

Several people wearing the yellow and green T-shirts of Bolsonaro’s political party took part in an assault on the National Congress building in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, on January 8th. The attack took place hours after the President and his supporters had staged a demonstration demanding the country’s Legislative session be suspended.

The decision to investigate Bolsonaro follows a request from Debora Diniz, a human rights advocate and professor at the University of Brasilia, asking the Supreme Federal Tribunal to investigate anyone involved with organizing the violent attacks on the Congress building.

In a statement, Bolsonaro has denied any involvement in the attack, calling it “absurd”. He has been accused by some politicians of attempting to intimidate and undermine Brazil’s democratic institutions after he faced several political defeats in Congress.

Brazil’s Supreme Court will have to decide if sufficient evidence exists to pursue criminal charges against the President. Supreme Court justices have asked the Federal Police to investigate further and to identify those who led the mob to the National Congress building.

Both protestors and politicians have called on the Supreme Court to move swiftly in its investigation. As the world watches, Brazil’s legal system will have to ensure that the investigation into the January 8th attacks is thorough and that accountability is given to those responsible.

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