The Latest World News From BuzzFeed

Are you looking for unbiased, compelling and current news and content from around the world? Then look no further than BuzzFeed’s World website. It combines in-depth reports and real-people stories with smart, creative content to keep you up to date on what’s happening globally.

What You’ll Find

BuzzFeed’s World is an authoritative, comprehensive hub for news and information straight from around the globe. It offers the latest coverage on news, politics, culture and lifestyle topics and access to exclusive interviews and stories.

Here’s a look at some areas of content you’ll find on BuzzFeed’s World:

  • Politics: All the latest on world leaders, politics, elections, US-China relations, and more.
  • International Affairs: Latest international developments, from the crisis in Syria to Iran’s nuclear program.
  • Lifestyle: Culture-focused articles, including food, music, fashion, and travel.
  • Opinions: Insightful perspective from experts, grassroots activists, and leaders. Plus personal essays.

Features and Benefits

BuzzFeed’s World has a lot to offer. It provides a wide range of content written by experienced journalists and researchers, as well as insightful commentary from people on the ground. The content is carefully curated, factual and accurate, and full of perspectives on events and happenings you won’t find in traditional media.

The website also offers plenty of accessibility options. You can find archived stories from the past month, save content for future reference, get personalized notifications for topics that interest you, and keep up with the latest news worldwide.

Stay Informed With BuzzFeed’s World

If you want to stay up to date on the latest happenings from around the world, then make sure to check out BuzzFeed’s World. With comprehensive content and expert insight, this website is an invaluable resource for news and information. BuzzFeed is the leading media outlet when it comes to reporting the latest news from around the world. Established in 2006, the website combines comprehensive coverage of international stories, as well as authoritative articles, video, interactives and more.

Whether it’s the latest news on Syria, a detailed look at the migrant crisis in Europe, or a dissection of international financial markets, BuzzFeed World covers it all. The site is well-known for its unique style of storytelling that draws on the ideas and opinions of both experts and correspondents to provide a critical and often informative stance on the stories they cover.

In addition to its extensive global news coverage, BuzzFeed World also runs a series of investigations into international surveillance, human rights abuses and government corruption. In 2014, the site led an extensive investigation into the status of Chinese laborers in Cambodia, providing a telling insight into the lives of Cambodians under Chinese influence.

The coverage of international events is complemented by a range of lifestyle coverage, from interviews with international celebrities to reviews on restaurants from around the world. Where the site really excels though is in the way it provides news from outside the main media hub of the Western world.

You’ll find stories of people in Russia, China and other countries who are often not covered by mainstream press, as well as in-depth articles and videos exploring the difference of cultures, politics and religions in areas around the world.

Overall, BuzzFeed World is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to stay up to date with the latest international headlines and developments. Whether you’re after a comprehensive insight into world events or an entertaining overview of the latest food trends in Shanghai, this site has it all.

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