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The Valley of Santa Clara: Historic Buildings, 1792-1920

Clara and the Magical Charms Clara Bell needs to use her powers when she and Rowan, a gnome visiting Sheepskerry Island for the Valentine’s Games, are faced with very serious trouble!     Pen Pictures From the Garden of the World, Or, Santa Clara … This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally […]

Photovoltaics in Buildings: A Design Handbook for Architects …

Telemedicine Technologies: Big Data, Deep Learning, … The book also focuses on showcasing prototypes of remote healthcare systems, thus emphasizing the data processing side that is often recognized as the backbone of any telemedicine system.     Building the Agile Enterprise: With SOA, BPM and MBM In the last ten years IT has brought fundamental […]

Building Mycology: Management of Decay and Health in Buildings

Study of Branching Ratio and Polarization Fraction in … We have measured the?{sub b} lifetime using the exclusive decay?{sub b}→J/??, based on 1.2 fb−1 of data collected with the D0 detector during 2002-2006.     Measurement of the Lambda(b) Lifetime in the Exclusive Decay … Measurements have been made of the photon decay of the […]

Timber Decay in Buildings: The Conservation Approach to … – Page 172

Comparative Biochemistry of the Decay of Sweetgum Sapwood by … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 72 Samples of sweetgum sapwood were obtained in progressive stages of decay by permitting artificially inoculated blocks to decay in the laboratory for various …     Maximum Thickness and Subsequent Decay of Lake, River, and … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 13 […]

Asbestos in buildings: the laws, the costs, the solutions : … – Page 48

Potential Cost-effective Opportunities for Methane Emission … Building on this work, ICF International (ICF) (2014) provided an update and re-analysis of the potential opportunities in U.S. natural gas and oil systems.     San Jose Municipal Code, 1979: A Codification of the General … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2962 Chapter 17.02 GENERAL PROVISIONS—ABATEMENT OF NUISAN […]

Earthquake-resistant Limit-state Design for Buildings – Page 158

Limit design of reinforced concrete skeletal structures FOUND INSIDE Amarakone Mudiyansele Navaratne Amarakone. fit ii LIMIT DESIGN OF REINFORCED ONCRETE SKELETAL STRUCTURES by A. M..     Limit theorems in probability and statistics – Volume 1 – Page 106 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 106 The referee has informed me that Theorem 2.3 is given in […]

Settlement Calculation on High-Rise Buildings: Theory and …

Church and Settlement in Ireland Clearly written and profusely illustrated, this volume shows how, over the centuries, the church formed a core component of settlement and played a significant role in the creation of distinct cultural landscapes in Ireland. [Subjects: …     Monte Verde: Paleo-environment and site context FOUND INSIDE Detailed descriptions of fieldwork, […]

Souvenir Buildings, Miniature Monuments: From the Collection …

Vietnam Flag Journal: Vietnam Travel Diary, Vietnamese … Blank Lined Vietnam Flag Journal to write in for women and men, kids and teens.The small portable blank book with lined pages (6″x9″) is light enough to carry in a bag or a backpack.     Souvenir D’Italie (Part). Blank Lined Madagascar Flag Journal to write in […]

Plan Atlas: Apartment Buildings

The Three Way Apartment Filled with detailed drawings, before and after renovation photographs, and gorgeous full-color images, this book aims to provide apartment owners and designers with an inspirational collection of some of the world’s most beautiful open …     Open Concept Apartments FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 28 Apartment #37— See Exhibit “A.” Apartment […]