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Spin Span Spun: Fact and Folklore for Spinners

Gold Spun One day she finds a faerie boy being held captive by outlaws. Though Nor knows all the tales of how dangerous and deadly the fay are, she goes against her better judgement and frees him.     Fundamentals of Spun Yarn Technology – Page 388 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 388 TABLE 6.9 KF […]

Tribal Traditions: Folklore, Art, Craft and Medicine

Vasco, Leader of the Tribe Following his dreams of finding a safe haven in a new place, Vasco leads a motley group of rats out of the city, through a dangerous sea voyage, and finally to a forest where the rats, now a true tribe, can make a fresh start.     Glossary of the […]

Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Review – Volumes 15-17 – Page 67

Lyric Forms from France: Their History and Their Use – Page 7 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 384 In observing the difficulty which I at employed as that of the refrain . The uni- once found in inventing a sufficiently plauversality of its employment …     The Oxford Anthology of American Literature – Volume 2 – […]

North Carolina Folklore Journal – Volumes 46-49 – Page 26

The American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures: Film … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2868 When they retum home, Mrs. Hauser and Mary, who blame Frankie’s delinquent behavior on the “new people on the street,” ask Frankie to stop seeing Sarah.     Addison House – Page 222 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 222 Frankie to […]