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Whose Blues?: Facing Up to Race and the Future of the Music

Intervention Forgiven What caused Jack Quaid to slowly drive away the love of his life?     The World-Ending Fire: The Essential Wendell Berry A collection of essays celebrating the cultural heritage of history and home argues that arrogance must be abandoned in favor of respect and care for oneself, one’s neighbors, and the land. […]

The man whose dreams came true: a man’s dream becomes a …

The Future of Non-lethal Weapons: Technologies, Operations, … “These essays explore the increase in interest in non-lethal weapons. Such devices have meant that many armed forces and law enforcement agencies are able to act against undesirables without being accused of acting in an inhumane way.     Oncogenicity of chicken-embroy-lethal-orphan (Celo) virus in … “These […]

Our Dad Died: The True Story of Three Kids Whose Lives Changed

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad Celebrate the sense of humour that’s so bad it’s great with this ultimate collection of dad jokes. From cheesy one-liners to puns so terrible that they should probably be illegal, this book has it all – it’s sure to make you laugh and cry.     Dad Jokes: The […]

Whose Votes Count?: Affirmative Action and Minority Voting …

Report of Proceedings of the … Annual Convention of the … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 4 7428, Ambrose McNamara, 1 vote. Foundry Laborers’ Union, No. 7362, Michael Frye, 3 votes. Fibre Workers’ Union, No. 7185, J. Carle Whitney, 1 vote.     The Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown FOUND INSIDE […]

Whose Body? Illustrated

What Is the Church? Pope Francis’s first systematic series of Catecheses centres on one of the main themes of his Pontificate thus far: the evangelising mission of the Church.     The American Women’s Movement: A Brief History with Documents Nancy MacLean’s introduction and collection of primary sources engage students with the most up-to-date scholarship […]

Memorial Meeting, Israel Friedlaender, Bernard Cantor: Whose …

Bernard Mandeville’s Views on Society – Page 149 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE VII William Dallas Bernard, Pauline Kimball Skinner ! I I H»f. Bark*** >Y\tty HSM in GRF.VT HKliAlN. HAKWICK Ol- INIIOI.MVM.     Bernard Shaw Among the Innocents FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 214 Robert Bovee Clayton. 1 Crane , Milton . ” Pygmalion : […]

A Jury of Whose Peers?: The Cultural Politics of Juries in … – Page 32

The PEERS® Curriculum for School Based Professionals: Social … The manual is broken down into clearly divided lesson plans, each of which have concrete rules and steps, corresponding homework assignments, plans for review, and unique, fun activities to ensure that teens are comfortable incorporating …     Play with Peers: A Comparison of the Social […]

Whose Curb is it Anyway?: The San Francisco Row House … – 第 27 頁

Who needs a library anyway?: remarks on the opening of the … 在書內找到 remarks on the opening of the Bing Wing of the Cecil H. Green Library Gerhard Casper. Who Needs a Library Anyway? Who Needs a Library Anyway?     What are We Trying to Teach Them Anyway?: A Father’s Focus … 在書內找到 – […]

Whose Media?: The Annan Report and After : a Citizen’s Guide …

Whose Aristotle? Whose Aristotelianism? 在書內找到 WHOSE ARISTOTELIANISM ? Aristotle — ” the master of those who know ” — has been a major influence on the intellectual history of Europe and of the Islamic world , and his views still provide material for contemporary philosophical debate …     Whose Values?: Reflections of a New England […]

Markov processes whose hitting distributions are absolutely …

Hitting Critical Mass – Volumes 3-4 FOUND INSIDE Hitting Critical Mass : A Journal of Asian American Cultural Criticism is committed to providing a forum for Asian American literary and cultural studies . Presenting innovative work by undergraduates , graduate students , faculty , and …     Hitting Hot: Ivan Lendl’s 14-Day Tennis Clinic FOUND […]