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Year Book, Trotting and Pacing – Volume 80, Issue 2 – Page 2668

The Herd Book of the New Zealand Hereford Cattle Breeders’ … Oblivion is a heartbreaking, exquisitely written memorial to the author’s father, Héctor Abad Gómez, whose criticism of the Colombian regime led to his murder by paramilitaries in 1987.     Oblivion: A Memoir FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 693 as the said Alexander Hector , […]

My Year

Super Saver! FOUND INSIDE Drawing on examples from rural early years settings to large urban secondary schools, this book looks at how psychology can support your teaching practice.     Why Do Teachers Need to Know About Psychology?: … Originally published in another format: Flagstaff, AZ: Rising Moon, 2003.     Do Princesses Wear Hiking […]

NWDA Year Book – Volume 57 – Page 399

The Art of the Steal The Art of the Steal tells the story of several larger-than-life figures – the billionaire tycoon Alfred Taubman; the most powerful woman in the art world, Dede Brooks; and the wily British executive Christopher Davidge – who conspired to …     The Gold Brick and the Gold Mine: Fake […]

Wisden Cricketers of the Year: A Celebration of Cricket’s …

Group Games & Activity Leadership – Page 66 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 66 The player who is IT always steps into the circle vacated by the player to whom he … a circle formed by six to eight players who have their hands joined .     Terrorism Today: The Past, the Players, the Future […]

A Year to Exhale

The Midnight Club Клуб полуночи – это группа из 5 молодых людей и девушек, которые встречались каждую ночь в бывшем хосписе для неизлечимо больных …     My Awesome Year Being 6 Being six is awesome! This book will help any six-year-old have even more fun as well as making it easy to record and […]

A Year of Diet Desserts: 365 Delectable Low-calorie …

Easy 300 Calorie Cookbook: Delicious and Healthy Dishes … These are specific types of recipes you will encounter: Asparagus Bacon Broccoli Brown Rice Burgers Cabbage Casseroles Chicken Couscous Ground Beef Stir Fry So I hope you are ready for a healthy adventure!     90-Day No-Cooking Diet – 1200 Calorie The 90-Day No-Cooking Diet contains […]

Seasoning: A Poet’s Year : with Seasonal Recipes

The Seasoning Peggy is eighty and the family are having a birthday party. Her son’s gift of a beautifully crafted notebook comes with a request … An English adaptation of Blasu (Y Lolfa, 2012).     Extension bulletin – Issues 56-75 – Page 21 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 21 Cutting , Stacking , and Seasoning […]

Letter Tracing Book for 4 Year Olds: Alphabet Tracing Book …

Big Data Security After a short description of the key concepts of big data the book explores on the secrecy and security threats posed especially by cloud based data storage.     The Littlest Dinosaur’s Big Adventure The littlest dinosaur gets lost one day when he goes out on his own.     The Vanishing […]

Dish of the Day: 365 Favorite Recipes for Every Day of the Year

Good Food Eat Well: Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes FOUND INSIDE Whether the rise for the popularity in vegan and vegetarian recipes is moral, financial or just that some people want to eat more plant-based meals, the Good Food team have made sure their recipes are balanced, nutritional and delicious.     On the Side: A […]