Why Do Female Beach Volleyball Players Wear Bikinis?

Beach volleyball is a sport known for its vibrant gameplay and beach atmosphere. A question that often arises is: “Why do female beach volleyball players wear bikinis?”. This query isn’t just about curiosity.

It’s also part of a broader discussion around gender, sports, and clothing. Female players in bikinis are a common sight in the sport. This image has drawn the attention of both avid sports fans and casual television viewers..

Why Do Female Beach Volleyball Players Wear Bikinis?

History of Beach Volleyball Uniforms

Beach volleyball has a rich history. It emerged as a separate sport in the early 20th century. The sport was officially introduced to the Olympics in the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Since its inception, male and female athletes have worn a variety of uniforms. The uniforms are designed to accommodate the unique beach environment of the sport. Female players’ attire, in particular, has witnessed significant changes over time.

Initially, it was mandatory for female athletes to compete in bikinis. This rule was based on the beach setting and practicality of the bikinis. However, the bikini requirement faced criticism from various quarters, leading to major changes.

In 2012, the Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) made a rule change. This came after global discussions on cultural sensitivity and athlete comfort. The FIVB expanded the uniform choices for female athletes. They were now allowed to wear shorts and sleeved tops during competition.


The Rules and Regulations Regarding the Uniforms

The FIVB has set the current uniform guidelines. These guidelines provide a wide range of options for female beach volleyball players. While bikinis are still a popular choice, the options also extend to long and short pants.

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More conservative attire is also allowed for athletes who need to adhere to specific religious beliefs. The aim of this flexibility is to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of athletes from different parts of the world.

Why Do Female Beach Volleyball Players Wear Bikinis?

Here are the options female athletes have:

  • They can choose from a range of two-piece swimsuits.
  • Long and short-sleeved tops are allowed.
  • They can opt to wear longer shorts and pants instead of bikini bottoms.
  • More conservative attire is permitted for those whose religious beliefs require it.
  • Interestingly, the guidelines for male beach volleyball players are less flexible. Men have to compete in both tops and bottoms. This is primarily for identification purposes.

Officials need to see a name and a number on each athlete’s uniform. This requirement mandates the use of tops for male players. This shows that while the discourse around beach volleyball uniforms often focuses on women, there are also distinct regulations for men’s attire.

The Practical Reasons Behind the Bikini ChoiceDespite the wider choice of uniforms, many players still prefer two-piece swimsuits. The primary reasons are comfort and practicality. These uniforms are lightweight, allow easy movement, and dry quickly, all crucial factors in a sport played on hot sand.

Notable players like Jennifer Kessy and Kerri Walsh Jennings have spoken publicly about the advantages of bikinis. According to Kessy ↗, the two-piece swimsuit “allows for a greater range of motion during play.” Similarly, Walsh Jennings ↗ has stated that playing in a bikini makes her “feel free and fast.”

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The Controversy and Criticisms Surrounding the Uniforms

The discrepancy between men’s and women’s uniforms in beach sports often generates controversy and criticism. It’s argued that the differences reinforce gender stereotypes and objectify female athletes.

A notable incident was when the Norwegian beach handball team was penalized for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms in a European Championship match. This event sparked a global debate over the fairness of uniform regulations in women’s sports.


In conclusion, the choice to wear a bikini in women’s beach volleyball is primarily driven by practical reasons. While the sport’s governing body, FIVB, has made an effort to be more inclusive by expanding uniform options, most players prefer the two-piece swimsuit for its comfort and functionality. This highlights that the choice extends beyond aesthetics or tradition, and is rooted in the athletes’ need for optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do beach volleyball players wear bikinis?

Most players prefer bikinis for their comfort and practicality. They are lightweight, dry quickly, and allow for a greater range of motion.

Are beach volleyball players required to wear bikinis?

No, according to FIVB rules, players can choose from a range of attire, including long and short pants, sleeved tops, and more conservative options.

Why was the Norwegian beach handball team penalized?

The team was penalized for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms during a European Championship match, which was against the regulations of the European Handball Federation.

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