Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballers of all time, shocked the world when he decided to wear a new jersey number, number 30. Fans and football enthusiasts were left wondering why Messi made this surprising change. In this article, we will explore the story behind why Messi is wearing number 30 and what it means to him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Messi’s decision to wear number 30 on his jersey has caused curiosity among his fans and the football community.
  • Throughout his career, Messi has been known for wearing his iconic number 10 jersey.
  • We will delve into the significance of Messi’s choice to wear number 30 and what it means to him personally.

Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

Lionel Messi’s Jersey Number Journey

Lionel Messi is perhaps one of the most recognizable footballers in history, known not only for his incredible skill but for his iconic jersey number, 10. However, in recent years, the Argentine superstar has made a significant change, opting to wear the number 30 instead.

Messi’s journey with jersey numbers began early in his career, when he first donned the number 30 for his debut match with Barcelona in 2004. However, it wasn’t long before he switched to the number 19, which he wore for several seasons before finally settling on his famous number 10.

Messi’s decision to switch back to number 30 in 2021 took many by surprise, but it was not an entirely new choice for the footballer. In fact, Messi had previously worn the number 30 during his time with the Argentine national team.

The significance of Messi’s new choice in numbers has been a topic of much discussion among fans and analysts. Some speculate that the change may be a nod to Messi’s earlier years with Barcelona, while others suggest that it may represent a fresh start for the superstar.

Regardless of the motivation behind Messi’s decision, his change in jersey number has certainly made waves in the football community. Fans and analysts alike continue to speculate on the significance of this choice and what it could mean for Messi’s performance on the field.

Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

The Meaning Behind Messi’s Number 30

Lionel Messi’s switch to jersey number 30 has baffled fans and pundits alike. However, behind this number lies a deeper personal significance for Messi.

While Messi has not explained the reason behind his change in jersey number in detail, some speculate that this new number represents a tribute to his dear friend, and former Barcelona teammate, Bojan Krkic. Bojan wore the number 30 jersey during his stint with Barcelona, and his father, Bojan Sr., wore the same number during his playing days, making it a symbolic number for the Krkic family. Messi has publicly expressed his affection for Bojan in the past, and it’s possible that he decided to honor him with this number change.

Beyond this personal connection, the number 30 also holds broader significance in the world of football. In many cultures, the number 3 represents balance and harmony, while the number 0 symbolizes completeness. Together, the number 30 could signal a sense of completeness and harmony in Messi’s own career, representing a new chapter in his journey as a footballer.

In any case, the meaning behind Messi’s number 30 is likely to remain a point of great curiosity and speculation among his fans, adding to the allure and mystery surrounding one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

Messi’s Decision on Number 30

Lionel Messi shocked the football world by announcing his decision to change his iconic jersey number 10 to number 30. Messi’s new number choice left many fans and pundits wondering about the reasons behind this change. In a recent interview, Messi shed light on his thought process behind this decision.

“The decision to change my number was a personal one. I wanted to start a new chapter in my career, and the number 30 symbolizes that for me. It reminds me to stay grounded and appreciate every moment on the field. Plus, I wore number 30 in my early years with Barcelona, and it holds a special place in my heart.”

Many speculated that the change in Messi’s jersey number was influenced by his desire to honor his former teammate and friend, Ronaldinho, who wore the number 30 jersey during his time with Barcelona. Others suggested that it might be a strategic move to symbolize his transition to a new era in his career.

Regardless of the reasons behind Messi’s decision, his new number choice has caused a stir among football fans and has become a talking point in the media. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the reveal of Messi’s new jersey number, and many have already started purchasing his new number 30 merchandise.

Key Takeaways:
– Messi changed his jersey number from 10 to 30 to start a new chapter in his career.
– Messi previously wore number 30 in his early years at Barcelona.
– His decision may have been influenced by his desire to honor Ronaldinho or symbolize his transition to a new era.
– Fans are eagerly anticipating the reveal of Messi’s new number and have already started buying his new number 30 merchandise.

Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

Messi’s New Jersey Number Revealed

After much anticipation and speculation, Lionel Messi revealed his new jersey number for the 2021-2022 season. The football legend surprised fans by choosing to wear the number 30 on his Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) jersey.

Messi’s new number marks a departure from his iconic number 10 jersey, which he wore for both FC Barcelona and the Argentine national team. The news of his change in jersey number created a buzz among football fans worldwide, generating questions about the reasons behind this decision.

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Messi himself has yet to provide a detailed explanation for his choice of number 30. However, some experts speculate that it may be a tribute to former Argentine player and Messi’s close friend, Pablo Aimar, who wore the same number during his career.

Despite the surprise and initial shock of fans, Messi’s new jersey number has been met with enthusiasm and support. Fans have already started purchasing Messi’s new PSG jersey, with the number 30 emblazoned on the back, making it one of the hottest selling football jerseys in recent times.

As Messi starts a new chapter in his career with PSG, his new jersey number adds to the excitement and anticipation surrounding his performance on the field. And while his iconic number 10 will forever be associated with his legacy, Messi’s number 30 jersey promises to bring a new level of meaning and significance to his football journey.

Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

Explaining the Change in Messi’s Number

Lionel Messi’s decision to change his iconic number 10 jersey to number 30 was a surprise to many. Fans were left wondering what could have led to the change, as Messi had always been associated with the number 10 throughout his career. So, why did Messi change to number 30?

According to sources close to Messi, the reason behind the change was two-fold. On the one hand, Messi wanted to pay tribute to his first professional club, Newell’s Old Boys, based in Rosario, Argentina. The team’s colors are red and black, which also happen to be the same colors as the Club Atlético Rosario Central, a team that Messi’s family has always supported.

On the other hand, Messi also wanted to distance himself from the pressure and expectations that came with the number 10 jersey. As one of the most iconic numbers in football history, the number 10 is often seen as a symbol of greatness and excellence, with players like Pelé, Diego Maradona, and Zinedine Zidane having donned it in the past. Messi’s desire to switch to a less perceived number was also fueled by his desire to focus on playing his best game without being weighed down by the expectations that came with the iconic number 10.

Why is Messi Wearing Number 30? Unveil the Story Behind

The Significance of Messi’s Number 30

While Lionel Messi’s decision to wear number 30 may have initially puzzled fans, this new jersey number carries significant meaning for the football superstar. For Messi, number 30 represents a personal milestone and a tribute to his childhood hometown.

Messi, who grew up in the Argentine city of Rosario, made his unofficial debut for his hometown club, Newell’s Old Boys, at the age of just six years old. The club’s youth academy team, which Messi played for, was numbered 30, making this jersey number a nostalgic reference to his early years in the sport.

But beyond the sentimental connection, Messi’s choice of number 30 also marks a significant achievement in his career. In 2019, Messi won his sixth Ballon d’Or award, a prestigious honor given to the best male footballer in the world. The number 30 represents the total number of titles Messi has won with Barcelona, which includes 10 La Liga titles, 7 Copa del Rey trophies, and 4 UEFA Champions League titles.

Additionally, the number 30 symbolizes Messi’s personal growth and maturity. As he enters his 30s, Messi continues to evolve and improve his game, taking on new challenges and leading his team to victory. Number 30 serves as a reminder that Messi’s journey as a footballer is far from over.

In conclusion, Messi’s decision to wear number 30 reflects a special connection to his hometown and his remarkable achievements in football. This jersey number is a testament to his continued growth as a player, and fans can look forward to seeing him shine in this new chapter of his career.

Messi’s Number 30 and its Impact on Fans

Ever since Lionel Messi revealed that he would be changing his jersey number from 10 to 30, fans have been eagerly waiting to see him donning the new digits. The decision has caused a flurry of excitement and speculation among football enthusiasts.

The announcement of Messi’s new number has sparked discussion across social media platforms, with fans sharing their reactions and opinions. Some supporters have expressed their excitement for the change, while others have voiced their attachment to Messi’s iconic number 10. Many fans have also been trying to decipher the meaning behind Messi’s choice of number 30.

The impact of Messi’s number change goes beyond just the fans, as it has also sparked discussions among football pundits and analysts. Many have been trying to interpret the reasoning behind the decision, with some suggesting that it may be a symbolic way for Messi to embrace change and new beginnings.

Overall, Messi’s new jersey number has created a buzz among the football community, generating anticipation for the upcoming season and the potential new heights Messi can reach with his new number.

Messi’s New Number and Team Dynamics

In addition to the personal reasons behind his decision to wear number 30, Messi’s new jersey number has also affected the dynamics of his team. As one of the most experienced and respected players on the squad, Messi’s number change signals a shift in the team’s identity and strategy.

While his previous number 10 jersey was symbolic of his creative playmaking abilities and leadership on the field, number 30 represents a new chapter in his career and the team’s approach to the game. As a forward-thinking number, 30 may reflect a new focus on attacking strategies and a more aggressive playing style.

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Messi’s new jersey number has also impacted his relationship with his teammates. As they adjust to this change, they may need to reassess their roles and responsibilities on the field to accommodate Messi’s new position and playing style. Effective communication and collaboration will be crucial to the success of this transition.

Overall, Messi’s new number represents a significant evolution in his career and the team’s identity. As they adapt to this change, fans and teammates alike can look forward to an exciting new chapter in Messi’s legendary career.

Messi’s Number 30 vs. Other Footballers’ Choices

Lionel Messi’s decision to wear number 30 may seem out of the ordinary, but he is not the first footballer to make a significant jersey number change. Here’s a look at how Messi’s choice compares to other notable athletes:

  • Neymar Jr.: The Brazilian superstar wore number 11 for most of his career but switched to number 10 when he joined FC Barcelona in 2013, following in the footsteps of legends like Ronaldinho and Messi himself.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo started his career wearing number 28 for Sporting Lisbon but switched to number 7 after joining Manchester United in 2003. The number 7 has since become synonymous with Ronaldo’s brand and style of play.
  • Paul Pogba: Pogba wore number 6 during his first stint at Manchester United, but when he returned in 2016, he opted for the iconic number 10 jersey previously worn by Wayne Rooney.

While these players all made significant number changes, Messi’s switch to number 30 is unique in that it is a higher number than he has ever worn before and has no obvious historical significance. However, it appears to be a symbolic and personal choice for the Argentinian superstar.

The Legacy of Messi’s Number 30

There is no doubt that Lionel Messi’s choice of number 30 will go down in football history as one of the most significant jersey number changes. Aside from the curiosity and excitement generated among fans, this decision holds a deeper meaning for Messi and his legacy in the sport.

The number 30 represents a personal milestone for Messi, as it marks the age he was when he became a first-time father. It also symbolizes a new chapter in his life, both on and off the field. Messi has spoken candidly about how fatherhood has changed his perspective and outlook, and this change in jersey number reflects that transformation.

Moreover, Messi’s number 30 also represents his humble beginnings in football. Before he became the superstar we know today, Messi played for his local club, Grandoli, where he donned the number 30 jersey. This choice is a symbolic nod to where his journey started and the hard work and dedication it took to reach the pinnacle of his career.

With his new jersey number, Messi continues to cement his status as one of the greatest to ever play the sport. His legacy will undoubtedly include this pivotal decision, showcasing the personal and professional growth he has experienced throughout his career.

The significance of Messi’s number 30 goes beyond the football pitch. It is a testament to his character, determination, and humility. As Messi continues to leave his mark on the sport, we can only speculate what other surprises he has in store for us in the future.

Messi’s Number 30 Merchandise and Fan Excitement

Since the official announcement of Lionel Messi’s new jersey number, fans have shown immense excitement and support for his decision. The demand for his number 30 merchandise has skyrocketed, with jerseys, t-shirts, and other merchandise flying off the shelves.

Messi’s new jersey number has generated a buzz among fans worldwide. Social media platforms have been flooded with tweets, posts, and memes related to this topic. Fans have shown their love for Messi’s new number, expressing their admiration through creative artwork, videos, and songs.

It’s not just the fans who are excited about Messi’s number change. Brands and sponsors are taking advantage of this opportunity to create new merchandise and market their products. With Messi’s enormous global fan base, his new jersey number provides a unique selling point for brands to target his followers.

It is undeniable that Messi’s number 30 has already become an iconic part of his brand, creating a new wave of excitement and enthusiasm among his loyal fans. Whether the number symbolizes an important milestone in Messi’s personal life or football career remains to be seen, but what is certain is that fans cannot get enough of Messi’s new jersey number.

Media Speculations and Insights

Ever since Lionel Messi announced his decision to swap his iconic number 10 jersey for number 30, the media has been buzzing with speculations and theories about the motives behind this change. Messi’s long-standing association with the number 10, which he also wore for the Argentina national team, made this shift even more surprising to football enthusiasts worldwide.

Some experts believe that Messi’s decision to change his jersey number may be linked to a desire to start afresh or to signal the start of a new phase in his career. Others speculate that it could be a tribute to his early days at Barcelona, where he initially wore number 30 for the reserve team.

“Messi’s shift to number 30 is a curious decision, but it could be an indication that he wants to reinvent himself. It’s a bold move, but it may pay off in the long run.”

–John Barnes, Former Liverpool Player

Some media reports also suggest that Messi’s decision to wear number 30 could have a financial aspect to it. As per La Liga regulations, clubs can only sell one number of a player’s jersey in the official store, and messi’s number 10 is already popular worldwide. By switching to a new number, Messi could potentially create a new market for his merchandise and increase revenue for himself and his club.

“It’s a smart business move by Messi, who is not only a football player, but also a brand. By changing his jersey number, he is essentially creating a new niche for his merchandise, which could benefit him financially in the long run.”

–Michael Goodman, Sports Marketing Expert

Despite the numerous speculations, Messi himself has not provided any concrete explanation for his decision to change his jersey number. He has simply stated that he wanted to make a fresh start and that number 30 held a special significance for him. Nevertheless, the media continues to analyze and scrutinize every aspect of this decision, highlighting the impact that Messi has on football fans and enthusiasts worldwide.

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Fan Reactions and Social Media Buzz

Messi’s decision to change his jersey number to 30 has caused a stir among his fans and the football community. Social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions and reactions to this change.

Many fans were surprised and curious as to why Messi made this decision, with some speculating that it may have been a personal preference or related to a significant milestone in his life or career. Others expressed their support and excitement, eager to see Messi play in a fresh new jersey number.

Some fans were nostalgic about Messi’s previous number 10 jersey, which he had worn for over a decade. They expressed their sadness at seeing their favorite player giving up his iconic number.

The buzz around Messi’s new jersey number has also spilled over to merchandise sales. Fans have been clamoring to get their hands on the new number 30 jerseys and other merchandise associated with this change.

Overall, Messi’s decision to switch to number 30 has created a lot of hype and anticipation among fans and the football community, and many are eager to see how it will affect his performance on the field.


Throughout his illustrious career, Lionel Messi has garnered attention not only for his incredible skill on the field, but also for his jersey number choices. His decision to wear number 30 has sparked curiosity and debate among fans and the football community, and this article has sought to shed light on the mystery.

We have explored the significance and meaning behind Messi’s new jersey number, as well as the factors that led him to make this change. We have also examined the impact of this decision on his fans, team dynamics, and football history.

Whether Messi’s number 30 will become as iconic as his number 10 remains to be seen. However, there is no denying the excitement and buzz generated by this change, as evidenced by the demand for Messi’s number 30 merchandise and the social media buzz surrounding this topic.

In Conclusion

While the reasons behind Messi’s decision to wear number 30 may remain a mystery to some, what is clear is the impact and significance of this change. Messi’s jersey number journey, from number 10 to number 30, highlights his evolution as a player and a person. It is a symbol of his continued growth and the potential for new milestones and achievements in the future.

As football fans, we eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Messi and his chosen jersey number. Regardless of the number on his back, we can all agree that Messi’s talent and impact on the sport will never be forgotten.


Q: Why did Messi change his jersey number to 30?

A: Messi changed his jersey number to 30 for personal and symbolic reasons. The number holds significance to him and represents a new chapter in his career.

Q: What was Messi’s previous jersey number?

A: Messi’s previous jersey number was 10, which he wore for many years and became iconic for him.

Q: Does Messi’s number change affect his performance on the field?

A: Messi’s number change does not directly impact his performance on the field. It is a personal choice that may hold meaning to him but does not affect his skills or abilities.

Q: How did fans react to Messi’s new jersey number?

A: Fans had mixed reactions to Messi’s new jersey number. Some embraced the change, while others expressed nostalgia for his iconic number 10.

Q: Is Messi’s number 30 merchandise available for purchase?

A: Yes, Messi’s number 30 merchandise is available for purchase. Fans can now show their support by wearing jerseys or other items with his new number.

Q: What are the media speculations surrounding Messi’s number change?

A: The media has speculated about various reasons behind Messi’s number change, including personal growth, a desire for a fresh start, and potential symbolism associated with the number 30.

Q: How did social media react to Messi’s new number?

A: Social media buzzed with discussions, opinions, and memes about Messi’s new jersey number. Fans and football enthusiasts shared their thoughts and reactions on various platforms.

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